Circle Z Ranch

Circle Z Ranch | REBRAND



The objective was to rejuvenate Circle Z Ranch’s brand while upholding the ranch’s legacy and heritage. Being Arizona’s oldest, continuously operating guest ranch since 1926, Circle Z Ranch had a loyal customer base who valued the ranch’s traditions and charm. However, it was also important to appeal to a new generation of guests and families to create new memories and experiences at the ranch.


  • Logo Design
  • Branding
  • Website Refresh


The family who owns and operates Circle Z Ranch was thrilled with the positive response to the new brand from their guests. The enthusiastic feedback affirmed that the rebranding was a success and had breathed new life into the ranch’s legacy.


Given the ranch’s rich history and the special place it holds in the hearts of its visitors, we aimed to create a brand that would both honor the past and embrace the future. We achieved this by designing a logo that would connect with both old and new guests, paying tribute to the ranch’s legacy while also conveying a sense of excitement for generations to come.


“We are thrilled to introduce our new Logo for the Circle Z Guest Ranch, which will be used in many different ways including embroidered on our popular ranch wear items in our gift shop. Imagining this new design was a creative group effort, with many members of our team giving their thoughts. We wanted the logo to speak to who we are, and to portray a more contemporary feel, while holding on to our deep and historic origins. It was important to represent the history of the ranch, exuding the simplicity of life here at the ranch, along with the authenticity we continue to offer our guests. And most of all, we wanted to represent the reverence we hold for the foundation of our ranch: our horses…”